Car Shipping to Africa


Africa Shipping Services:

Ascope shipping services organise the transport and shipping of cars from the UK to destination ports in Africa, and where services are available.

Vehicle Shipping:

Ro-Ro (roll on • roll off). Probably now the most cost effective way of shipping vehicles. These modern purpose built and specialist vessels are specifically designed for the purpose of shipping vehicles.

All transport, be they cars, trucks, SUV's and 4x4's are driven directly onto the ships, secured on the decks safely for their voyage.

Dry containers (Dry Vans or DV). The most frequently used vehicle shipping containers are either 20' or 40'. These are when a client seeks a destination not serviced by the normal ro-ro services.

With these we secure your car in it's own container. The container is securely sealed once loaded and remains sealed until Customs inspection on arrival at yourAfrican destination port.


Tracking Your Shipment:

All our vehicle shipments are able to be tracked on-line if shipped in a container.

Personal and Household Effects:

Vehicles are not allowed to contain personal effects, but some clients still do it at their own risk.



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